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Jun. 11th, 2017

The story so far

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Summer 2010:

A series of unfortunate events
leads to teams being separated - aka Candice and Jamie kick prison butt.

Fall 2010:

An offer you can't refuse:
An unexpected visit, an uninvited guest and Lance is forced to enter a dubious arrangement.

Fall 2011:

Partners in crime:
A mission gets canceled, alcohol is drunk, partners spill secrets. Another normal day, really.

Fall 2012:

Playing Rambo:
In a New York firmly controlled by the Linderman Act, Candice and Jamie have chosen the side that won. The price is paid in less than pleasant missions. (warning: sexual situations)

Home sweet home:
After the fight on the docks, Jimmy goes to pick Candice up from the hospital.

Candice takes time off from filling in reports
to go for a drink and accidentally stumbles over an old friend. Or perhaps not quite so accidentally.

Another power outage, another evening, another mission.
Candice just may have done a bit more on the sidelines and doesn't quite know why.

Winter 2014:

I feel fine:
In Alaska, the day of the winter solstice, it's the end of the world and maybe time to start a new life. (warning: sexual situations)

Spring 2023:

You can't run forever: Happy endings don’t always last. Jamie once said he wanted a little girl. He gets his wish as the Company catches up with his former partner.

Possible Future #2

Summer 2012:

With the Company gone, Candice and Jimmy and everyone else is free.
Well, mostly. That may not be such a good thing, though.

When times get rough:
A man on a mission, Hiro wanders aimlessly trying to bring some good to this world where he can and Candice needs his help, whether he is willing to give it or not.

Catch 22: Candice and Jimmy hole up while his leg heals. They get company in the form of one Billy Kaplan.

Alternate Universe #1

Winter 2002:

Mind control isn't as reliable as you might hope;
Sarah learns her lesson the hard way, and then gets a chance to apply it. (warning: sexual situations)

Summer 2010:

Politics and protocol:
Leader of a 'normal' safe zone, Dae-Mun Lee comes to discuss refugee problems. While he waits, Candice offers to keep him entertained.

After a hard day's work,
Candice and Lance keep themselves entertained. (warning: sexual situations)

Important information crosses borders
and Candice accompanies it to New York where she sees a familiar face.

Dinner with the enemy:
Set after the wager in this thread, Dae-Mun has Candice over for dinner.

Kerrie doesn't think Sarah and Dae-mun's little meeting
was in her best interest. She causes destruction, Candice causes a rapprochement somewhat against her will.

To tell or not to tell: Back from her trip to New York, Candice has a few things to figure out and a report to give. Even if it is the middle of the night. This can't wait.</div>

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