Daddy's second best

Candice Wilmer
3 April 1983
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My name is Candice and I'm a professional mistake student. My parents, you might have heard of them, do business with the Petrelli's. They love my sisters and my brother. They usually conveniently forget to mention me. But I'll show them. I'll show you. I'm usually happy they do. I have this friend. I have a lot of friends. I'm friendly. Be my friend?

I'll show you things that'll seriously change your life.

Place of residence: New York

Occupation: Student at NYU (currently taking a break from that to... work at a certain paper company. Work experience is very important these days.)

Family: Wilmer Senior, wife, two daughters (Isobel and Andrea, the bitches from hell) and Thomas

Friends: Dae-Mun Jimmy Lee, Kirin Yi, Lance Alvers (though he knows Ryan better)

(Disclaimer: this is a fake journal for the RP character Candice Wilmer.)